Draft Rye Foreshore Landscape Plan 

Thankyou to every one of the 258 people who completed the short survey on "surveymonkey" organised by the Rye Community Group Alliance. It is apparent from this excellent response that Rye residents really do care about what happens to our foreshore and beautiful beaches.


Below is a summary of the survey results:

Action Priorities Rye Foreshore (total=258 respondents)

Regular maintenance of the foreshore bush, garden areas and physical facilities          73.95% (193)

Clean swimming water; storm water drains fitted with fine & gross anti-pollution traps 68.58% (179)

Landscaped recreational areas, including the provision of shade                                 52.49% (137)

Picnic and BBQ facilities, increased, upgraded and maintained                                   47.51% (124)

Pathways that are safe, logical, well maintained and wide enough for shared access    45.59% (119)

Lighting in popular foreshore places                                                                        35.63% (93)

 Sand control of dunes and on pathways                                                                  34.87% (91)

Safe pedestrian access to and from the foreshore- across Point Nepean Rd. to the

retail strip                                                                                                            32.95% (86)

Disability access through the installation of appropriate picnic furniture and paths        31.80% (83)

Beach access paths made safe and identified by bollards                                           28.74%  (75)

Improved traffic management at peak times on Point Nepean Rd. and at

theboat/jet ski trailer car park                                                                                 27.20% (71}

Camping areas: reviewing the current size and configuration                                      16.86% (44)

Installing an extra boat/jet ski ramp                                                                         9.96% (26) 

Redesigning the boat/jet ski car park and reversing lanes                                            8.43% (22)

Reconfiguring the non trailer car parks                                                                      6.51% (17)

 It can be seen that the survey confirms what members of the community have been saying for many years. It is hoped that this time the Council will take notice of these and other views of the community and incorporate them in the Foreshore plan.

 Who we are and what we do


We are a group of residents and local business people who meet monthly to discuss future projects and issues relevant to the Rye community and its aim is to improve the Rye township. For over 15 years we have been involved in all sorts of activities. Some of these include: the initiating and running of the Sandcastle competition, an Inter-faith festival, foreshore re-vegetation, the hugely popular community built playground on the foreshore, Cleanup Australia Day Activities, a Gala Business Awards Night, and foreshore re-vegetation in areas designated by the Council.  We also regularly meet with our Ward Councillors, and State and Federal M.P.s to discuss and lobby for items that will improve Rye.  Our group has a good relationship with the Council, and has participated in many advisory committees. Meetings are held in the Blue Water Room of the Rye Hotel on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm. with the exception of January. New members are always welcome.  

Below are some of the activities we have recently been involved with:


The Invasion of the Spider Crabs! 




On Wednesday March the 2nd 2016, the Mayor Cr. Graham Pittock cut the ribbon of a unique mosaic art project, adjacent to the community built playground on the Rye Foreshore.

In 2015 Rye Beach Community Action applied for a $4,000 Council ?place making?  grant to have this artwork created, with the balance of the the funds required being supplied by the Action group. With the co-operation of Rye Primary School Principal Jackie Anable, about 60 grade five students were also involved. It was decided that the annual migration of spider crabs from Bass Strait would be the theme of the mosaic. Artist Simon Normand created the mosaic and also worked with the children who drew the pictures for the circular mosaics,  and chose the colours. Rye Beach Community Action Group?s Secretary Mechelle Cheers, President Michael Wittingslow and Miranda Gillespie were the main drivers of the project. The Mayor thanked these individuals for instigating another great example of community involvement in Rye. 



Lyons Street Pocket Park

On October 4 we planted the major trees on the site with a smaller group of volunteers than were present on our last planting day. However, the dedicated team all had a role and they were planted in no time. The smaller shrubs and grasses will be planted by Steve and the team from Transfield. Our local Member of Parliament, the Hon. Martin Dixon M.P. welcomed the change from Parliamentary work and really got stuck into digging and staking the trees. Ward Councillors Fraser and Rodgers also arrived and assisted with the tying of the trees.

Bob Martin phoned local plumber Mick O'Rourke who quickly fixed the water problem so that the trees and grassed area were able to be properly watered. Thanks Mick, I am sure that the plants are grateful.

Thank you to everyone else who assisted; the Park is looking fantastic and will be a real asset for Rye.

 DSC_0030.jpg - large

                                         Peter, Steve, Mechelle, Pauline and Martin planting moonahs.


 New Welcome to Rye Sign.

Because of the efforts of one of our Ward Councillor's, Cr. Hugh Fraser and our Bob Martin, Rye has a new "Welcome to Rye" sign. The Shire provided the $3000 necessary to replace the vandalised sign that was there for many years.
Thank you gentlemen for your efforts.
Foreshore Planting Starts Again.
011.jpg - large
After a spell of almost two years, The Council has again given us permission to re-vegetate parts of the Rye Foreshore. On the 17th of May our group successfully planted 300 shrubs on the foreshore area near the small beach visitor car park west of Dundas Street. It was a great day and people of all ages participated. Thank you to everyone who participated. In June, we planted  the garden bed opposite the Yacht Club. We have been asking for this area to be improved for a couple of years, and recently the Council created the garden beds for us. Thanks go to our Ward Councillors, Fraser and Rogers for assisting with this.  The above photo shows some our group planting the garden bed.


2013-12-281222pm104.jpg - large

 On the 25th of November 2013 the Council adopted the Rye Recreational Boating Precinct Plan that ignored many of the comments made by the community, and is likely to encourage even more jet skis to operate from Rye. This Plan was paid for by Boatsafe Victoria, so unsurprisingly it recommends major changes to the boat ramp, trailer parking area and foreshore.

 As well as recommending the construction of an extra boat ramp and finger jetty, the Plan also recommends the construction of two trial temporary (seasonal) jet-ski ramps some where on the beach. When questioned why this was necessary a shire officer told us ?jet skis were a fact of life?, this maybe true, but it is questionable as to why Council would encourage an increase in jet skis further spoiling the enjoyment for users of this picturesque swimming beach.

 These changes to the boat ramp, car parking area and foreshore are supposedly needed due to increased usage of the boat/jet skis ramp. However, Council produced no data to substantiate this need, neither for the car park or the boat ramp. Informal monitoring (over 5 years) of the boat precinct indicates that there are no more than six days each summer in which the capacity of the ramp and trailer park are stretched, and this is only for part of any given day.  Supervision of this area would help with this small number of blockages.

The Plan recommends the construction of 30 extra overflow boat/jet ski trailer parks.  According to the Plan installation of the extra spaces requires; the  removal of a toilet block; re-locating the Carnival nearer to the pier; the removal of the car park on the western side of the pier; expansion of the car park on the eastern side! The proposed changes will reduce the size of the public space adjacent to the popular community built playground. 

 There is no doubt during construction community use of the foreshore area will be limited. This area is used for major community events, such as ethnic festivals, Carols by Candlelight, and Australia Day Celebrations. The report is silent on how these events will be accommodated. The cost of these and other substantial modifications to the foreshore is approximately $3,000,000, and we have been told that the Council will approach the State Government for funding.

 The Rye Boating Precinct Plan is ill conceived and does not address the needs of the majority of the Rye Community who have been trying for a number of years to see the Rye Foreshore Management Plan (2008) implemented. Unlike the Plan for the Boating Precinct, the Foreshore Plan will increase local and visitor enjoyment of this wonderful public space, and not encourage an increase in jet skis.



Foreshore Working Bees:
Working bees are  held several times a the year.
The work done by this group has been quite considerable, and includes rubbish removal on Clean Up Australia Day, and the planting of over 4000 shrubs and trees.
Community Website:
This website is a current project of Rye Community Action. The aim of the website is to promote activities, organisations and businesses in Rye both to residents and to visitors to the Rye area. The website will be updated regularly. In the future, new pages will be added such as Shopping, Other Activities, Links, Photographs, and how to download a Rye Town Brochure. To let us know about things to include, please contact us via the Contact Us page.